Team Huron Valley Special Olympics aspires to provide the best and safest experiences for its athletes and volunteers. By registering all volunteers, Team Huron Valley is better able to ensure that athletes and volunteers participate in a safe environment. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator 

Bear Hall at 248-769-2768 or e-mail

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There are many ways that your organization can demonstrate their support and belief in making a difference in the lives of Special Olympics athletes.Team Huron Valley Special Olympics welcomes and greatly appreciates organizations that participate in offering volunteer support for our various competitions and events.For more information on how people throughout your organization can work together to make a difference in the lives of our athletes, you may contact Don Treanor at 248-769-2768 or email

Around the world, millions of people volunteer, taking pride in knowing they’re providing athletes with intellectual disabilities an opportunity to experience the excitement, joy and personal fulfillment associated with sport training and competition. From the local coach who works with athletes every day, to the international organization holding World Games every two years, dedicated volunteers make Special Olympics happen. There is always something to do, with training, competitions and other events happening 365 days a year.

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